Brisbane’s oldest surviving residence, Newstead House, is based in Newstead.

Newstead is one of those suburbs that’s steeped in history, originally developed by settlers as farm land in the 1920s. During the 1950s, Newstead began to gain a reputation as a locality for fine houses.

A reputation it still enjoys today.

The home was built by Patrick Leslie who had bought the land at Newstead (35 acres) in 1846 for 51 pounds. He named the original cottage ‘Newstead’ after Newstead Abbey in England. The house has since evolved from the original cottage into the grand residence that still remains.

Other prominent early settlers included James Gibbon, a property speculator.He bought a large tract of land on Teneriffe Hill. He named his property ‘Teneriffe’ after one of the Canary Islands and the mountain on it.

By the 1880s, most of the early landholders in Newstead were starting to subdivide their properties, and river-based industries were developing, including boat building and maintenance. Wool was also a major export through the network of wharves. The first wool store was Dalgety's which opened in 1911 and was destroyed by fire in 1984.

This rich history and reputation for fine homes, has left Newstead as one of Brisbane’s most sought-after locations.

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